What is ecotourism? 🍀🌿

I will tell you, what information I have found about ecotourism.
Ecotourism make core conception of balanced tourism. There is “the cleanest” form of travel in friendly environment, because takes place usually at places with the highest qualities of nature and landscapes, directly contributed to the protection of the natural and cultural environment of that regions, and their participants are people, who has big environmental awareness and sensitivity to nature. There are a lot of definitions of ecotourism, which also can be called in literature as: green tourism, nature tourism or nature-base tourism, ecoethnotourism. According to one of the first definition, which was formulated in 1991 by International Company (Organization) of Ecotourism, ecotourism it is “aware travel to the Natural place, which in hand helps to protect natural environment and, in other hand, supports prosperity of local residents.” Johanna Kamieniecka in the works for the Institute of Ecotourism Benefits, takes definition of Richard Denman: “Ecotourism it’s a travel with the aim of study, admiring and repeating of satisfaction from beautiful landscapes, observations of wild animals and plants, and also admiring local customs and culture”. In the materials and publications of International Centre of Research of ecotourism as a part of Australian Griffith University ecotourism is defined as conception of tourism connected with natural environment, organized and managed in a sustainable way, contains elements of ecological education and also applicant of financial contributing in nature protection.{1} According to Elizabeth Bo fro World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) ecotourism is “travel to the nature, which is contributed with its protection”.