National Parks

• National Park Bach Ma – amazing natural attraction of the country, significant, natural corner, which is situated in the center of Vietnam, in famous province Thyathien-Xiue, located on the border with city Hiue. Bach Ma is situated on the territory of 220 km2 . Park is divided into zones: administrative, intermediary and part, which is kept in strict control. Bach Ma was created in 1925 and got title “National” only in 1991. This part is not only nature attraction of Vietnam, but also the most beautiful corner of the Vietnamese central plain. Its translation from Vietnamese is “white horse”. This name was given to park; because of mountain peaks \, which are always covered with a beautiful soft white clouds. The territory which is taken for National Park partly covered with high mountains and granite solid. Level of mountain peaks is I the border of 1000-1450 mm. This national park – almost the most wet Vietnamese region, because according to statistic data of the annual precipitation is on the level of 8 000 mm/year.