General information about Vietnam

So, what about Vietnam?


Vietnam is the state situated in Southeast Asia, in the Indochina Peninsula, above the South China Sea (Pacific Ocean), country takes 15% of all peninsula – 329,6 thousands of square kilometers.  Existing names – Viet Nam, Socialistic Republic of Vietnam in Vietnamese Cong Hňa Xă Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam. The nowadays shares borders with: People’s Chinese Republic  on the North, with Laos and Cambodia on the West, and with the South-Chinese Sea on the East and South.

According to Geneva Accords terms (signed in July 1954), Vietnam was divided into two separate parts along the 17th parallel; in two years was provided free general elections, what was done for the unification of the country. But due to that fact that US imperialists and their South Vietnamese puppets did not fulfill the conditions of the General Agreements. Because of these now exist two states the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (northern from 17th parallel) and the Republic Vietnam.