Examples of ecotourism

Nowadays we can find huge amount of ecotourism different examples.

·         Expeditions in Rumanian southern Carpathian

·         Trekking around Annapurna in Nepal

·         Trekking in Tatry

·         Crossings over humid equatorial forest with Indian guide to Miradora, city ruins of Mayas in Guatemala

·         Nomadic hiking over Beskid trial “Through Tuchol hole”, “Through Beszczad’s Polonins”

·         Cycling tours through Sri-lanka

·         Cycling escapades on the highest road pass of the world Khuhjerab(4730 m.) on the China-Pakistan border

·         Cycling roads on Kashubian Lake District

·         Expeditions on original Indian canoes through Amazonian river in Peru

·         Special kayaks expeditions for women on the calmest water in National Park Utalis Canyon Lands in USA

·         Crossing with commodity boatsby th Usumacinta river through humid, equatorial forest in Mexico and Guatemala

·         Rafting through fast rivers of Alaska

·         Pontoons expeditions on rivers Calca, Santa, Urubamba in Peru

·         Catamarans canoeing on Cheremosh river in Ukrainian Huculshina

·         Rafting canoeing on Niemen in Bialorussia

·         Cruises between Galapagos islands

·         Boat canoeing on Orinoco in Venezuela

·         Sailing on Mazuric lakes

·         Horse expeditions through Mongolic steppe or around Chubsugul lake, named “Small Bajkal”

·         Exploration of Arizon on horse astride

·         Horse rallies in Karkonosha

·         Expeditions tours mounteen-upland ares of Southern Jemen and desert Ar-rab, Al-Chali

·         Expeditions to sand dunes in Gobi desert in Mongolic National Park Gurwan Sajchn

·         Crossing Synaj on camels

·         Skiing-expeditions in Bolivian Ands

·         Skiing-rallies in Spanish region of Austury in Cantabory Mountains

·         Tourism skiing expeditions through Beskid zhiwedski

·         Diving expeditions on Big Australian Reefs and Caribbean Islands

·         Swimming and diving with dolphins in Bahamas and with manatees in USA

·         Diving vacations with diving-studing over Plushne lake

Fauna expeditions of animals
·         Bird watching expeditions in Ephiopi

·         Observation and drawing of birds in Andaluzia

·         Makin photo – bird watching expeditions in Banga Biebzhanskie

·         Safari on the elephants backs in the tiger parks in India

·         Explorations of parks and reserves of Belize with the aim tropical rainforest wild animal lives observations

·         River safari in Manaus, Brazil

·         Cruise-safari with aim of observation of sea mammals in Antarktida area

·         Polar safari in Swiss, Finland and Norway

·         Whale-observation on California-Bay, Mexico

·         Whale-watching on Azores

·         Escapades witch the aim of whale-watching on Caribbean sea

·         Expeditions with the aim of observation of Africa invertebrate rainforests

·         Life-observation of royal bird – Querala in Guatemala

·         Black howler monkeys observations in Chiapas

Floristic expeditions
·         Botanic escapades to tropical rainforest in Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia

·         Expedition “Alpic flowers of Eastern Himalays” in India

·         Botany expedition “ Balkan flora” in Albania

·         Living on the farm with tropical plants – -Ikchel Mayan Farm in Belize

·         Recognizing of plants and characteristic plant’s raiment Lubelska’s Polesie-thumbnail of tundra and forest tundra

Culture and ethnographic expedition
·         Looking for Maya – expedition on heritage “ La Ruta Maya “ trial in central America

·         “Bialostock Tatar Trial” – by Bialostock

·         Recognizing of Anishabe tribe culture in Canada with accommodation in Indian tipi

·         Ethnographic expeditions on Far East taking part in ceremonial parties of grass Carp in Russia

·         Living in the village Indian Kekchi in Belize, live and food with Indian families

·         Study of Spanish in ecological school in San Andres in Guatemala

·         Women expedition to Amazonian forest, with Indian guide who teaches women of local crafts and going on trees through the jungle

·         Areal school of polish language for foreigners with active experience of culture and nature

·         Departures of volunteers of forest works to the Latin America

·         Departures with aim of collecting garbage after tourist season

·         Research in Costa Rika about problem of forest protection

·         Studying of dolphin intelligence in Hawai

·         Research about life of beavers in Wigierski National Park

·         Geological expedition to Iceland, Canarian Island, or on Colima volcano in Mexico

·         Speleologist and geologist escapades on Gobi in Mongolic Altay

·         Astrological expeditions through ancient cities of Central America

·         Expedition, which have goals on general recognizing of natural and cultural history of regions and countries, which include elements of different ecotourism forms, organized all over the world