Ecotourism forms

So now we can talk about, what we can do as an ecotourist?

Ecotourism type  
Trekking and climbing  
Cycling tours  
Kayaking, Canoeing, Boat trips  
Rafting trips  
Cruises and sailing trips  
Horse riding trips  
Cameltreks, camellers tours  
Cross-country skiing, ski-tourins, ski- shoeing  
Diving and snorkeling trips  
Fauna expeditions of animals
Birding trips, bird-watching  
Animal safaris:

·         In leeps

·         Aerial view(in planes and balloons)

·         On the boats, kayaks, on ships

·         Hiking(on foot)

·         On the elephants and camel backs

·         Polar on snow scooter

Whale-watching trips

(This type of travel became separate type of ecotourism, while appeared a lot of aqensies, which making tours on making photos and whale watching)

Specialty trips

(Trips organizated for people, who interested in concrete species group of animals)

Floristic expeditions
Botany and wildflowers tours  
Recognizing and using of grass and mushrooms education  
Culture and ethnographic expedition
Heritage tours, cultural trips  
Living in culture centre’s of different ethnical groups, recognizing their traditions, going on festivals and folklore cultural parties  
Educational expeditions:

Study of local languages, folk crafts, folk dance, culinary arts of the region, etc.

Voluntary trips  
Research trips, workshops  
Geological and astrological tours  
General interest nature tours

forms of eco