Ecotourism attractions

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Natural Environment. In ecotourism the biggest value has natural environment not in big level transformed by human, characterize with abundance and big variety  of fauna and flora, interesting geography position, unique landscape, original forms of inanimate nature, etc. (depend on concrete form of tourism). Ecotourism attractions include not only areas with legal protection (national parks, landscaping, nature reserves and biospheres, protected landscape area), but big amount of other areas with outstanding nature qualities, which are just waiting for this formal protection.

Cultural Environment. Other but also important attraction is cultural environment. General cultural attraction goods include (if it is about ecotourism needs):

  • Preserved traditions, tribal customs rites world celebrations and family ceremonials outfits, traditional cousins and typical activities for given ethical group (fishing, crafts, pastoralism, etc.);
  • Cultural parties: festivals, watching on the artistic achievements, local products trade;
  • Traditional buildings and architecture, inside build, traditional tools and subject of house property;
  • Contemporary folklore: products of artistic crafts, painting, sculpture, music, dance, myths and legends;
  • Archeological monuments, residue from ancient civilizations, etc.;

Ethnographic regional, open-air museums, regional open-air museums, regional chambers

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