Route division of protected areas



  • Sanctuary route (core of protected area):
  • Closed for all form of tourism development;
  • Entrance limited till park workers and scientists, who are making research works.
  • Quite route (silence route)
  • Entrance limited till small groups (max. 12-15 people) in the company of guide;
  • Lack of tourism infrastructure, as accommodation and gastronomic base;
  • Big role of park guards responsible on coordination of tourism movement;
  • Advertising limited till the information on the topic of the nature tour in small groups with guide.
  • Route of tourism development subordinated priority of protected area, with limited additional infrastructure development
  • Using of existing accommodation and gastronomic base, camping is allowed in appointed places;
  • Non-interested in additional tourism infrastructure;
  • Car movement is limited or hindered;
  • Allowed different forms of tourism, compatible with character of protected area;
  • Permissible advertising in limited range.
  • Development of sustainable forms of tourism route
  • Infrastructure development and tourism form adequate to character of area, on small scale according to local style and architecture;
  • Fostering of tourism in natural, cultural and educational character;
  • Limitation of car tourism and fostering of public transport;
  • Allowed honest promotion.
  • Heat insulation on protected area route
  • Bigger freedom in infrastructure development;
  • Economic activity according to the sustainability rules;

Protected areas managers together with local organizations and other key social groups developed system of transport, touristโ€™s paths, etc



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