Importance of protected areas in ecotourism

Now in the world there are about 44 thousand of legally protected areas, which take almost 10% of Earth surface1. Unfortunately, in most occasions, especially in developing countries, there is only formal protection, mainly because of lack of the funds and protection project support by local communities. In 1997 the World Of Nature Protection, WWF, elaborate program named β€œGlobal 200” on a subject of protection of the most valuable world corners in ecological view. Were identified 238 key eco-regions (base on the 2005), which are main communities of the Earth, refuges of wild nature and landscape. Among them there are land and water ecosystems: forests, mountain areas, steppes, deserts, coral reefs, lakes, rivers, gulf marines, etc. The biggest amount located in Central and South America and in Caribbean Islands. In 1999 on the list was also Carpathian within the International initiative on the subject of protection of globally priceless natural wealth of Carpathian – common heritage of Central and eastern Europe countries (The Carpathian Ecoregion Initiative – CERI).

protected area


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