Ecotourism thesis

The thesis “ecotourism” is new in the literature, but conception and style of “green travel” is existing for a long time.

Amount of lovers i.e. mountain expeditions or ski were looking for isolated places for their travels, close connection with nature, monuments of the indigenous people past. Although, they didn’t call themselves “ecotourists”, but the form of spending time by them, their interests, motivation, needs, approaches about nature and culture, were close to that what in present world is named “green tourism”. Conception essence and philosophy of traveling , which is named ecotourism, is defined in the last decade of XX c. Style of active and deep exploration of nature-value places, friendly to nature and culture, it is in some way return to the traditions of traveling, which have started more than 100 years ago. “First examples” of polish ecotourists would be Hugo Zajalowich, Jan Gwalbert Pawlikowski, Miechyslaw Orlowich and Wladislaw Shafer.

Ecotourism includes different types of tourism: qualified, touring, areal, adventure, etc. It was defined that a person, participant of travel, consciously not interfere in natural ecosystems, respect the surrounding nature and culture of local people and their tourism expenses deliver fund for nature and local economy protection.


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