Ecotourism infrastructure and services, which accompanying it

Accommodation base. For the green tourism is needed modest (but with all basic amenities) accommodation basis in hospitality of local people, in ecoagrotourism farms, small guesthouses, mountain hostels, cottages, settlements, etc. In Southern and Central America is very famous accommodation basis as wooden sheds-houses covered with Palapa leaves, so called cabañas; and in Mongolia for tourist are organized special accommodation in Yurts. There, where it is possible, should be shaped up offer, based on accommodation objects conducted by local people. It is needed to take care about accommodation basis choice, which fulfil basic ecological requirements.

Gastronomic base. Ecotourism participants are looking for usual traditional characteristic dishes of given region, which are cooked of healthy product, which are produced in small local agriculture farms, offered in restaurants, agrotourism farms, house cafeterias. Among ecotourism parties can be met special departure offer for vegetarians. Interesting for ecotourism is also gastronomic basis localized on antique objects, old taverns, inns, vine cellars, etc.

Accompanying base.

  • Well-organized tourism routes and diverse tourism route net (bicycle, horse, walk, ski, kayaks, etc.) and other thematic and didactic routes and paths make very important element and infrastructure discriminant of ecotourism region and ecotourism products offered by travel offices. In big amount of regions trip route is leaded o especial made, nature-cultural heritage routes, which connect different natural and cultural tourism attractions or specific environment elements rotated in a view of given route specified character (historical, ethnographical, geologically-geographical, etc.) Necessary complements of tourism route are well-made publications maps and guides.
  • Tourism and sport equipment rental and transport centers – in ecotourism regions are necessary rentals and tourism and sport equipment services (bicycles, skies, kayaks and other water equipment). For more attractiveness of ecotourism offer is created ability for tourist to explore the area on the back of horse or camel.
  • Pilots and guides services – Pilots of ecotourism expeditions are educated and experienced workers, which organize given expedition. Dependence on travel form is needed education in a specific field (ornithology, botanic, ethnography) or sport activities (trekking, sailing, diving). Also it is necessary, knowledge of visited region, language and high ecological consciousness of the pilot, who by own attitude will affect expedition participant’s behavior. If it is needed to use local people services, which specialized on i.e. mountaineering expedition, climbing, crossing jungles or desert, rafting or catamarans, etc.
  • Retail sales net – base of local entrepreneurship and output is one of the basic ecotourism assumptions. Tourists should be responsibly stimulated to do shopping in small local shops, art galleries, on fairs with food, crafts, artistic craft fairs, etc. Should be noticed about the role of educational guides of ecotourism expeditions, who must make tourists, sensitize not to buy i.e. souvenirs made of plants and animals under protection. It means not to make demand on such products.
  • Additional services – accompanying ecotourism expeditions are such additional parties as concerts of folk music, meeting with interesting local individuals and more others. Such kind of attractions type is depending on conditions and character of penetration to every ecotourism region.
  • Tourism information – ecotourism expedition participants must be wide and correctly informed about visited region, its natural and cultural wealth, and also about socio-economical, ecological problems, etc. It is necessary to have educative informational centers nearby every bigger object, which are tourism attraction and allow access to suitable literature (depends on the character of expedition and tourists’ interest), guides, maps, brochures, folders, etc. Culture and nature attractive places exploration preceded by showing films and filmtrips during which clearly accents ecological problems of the region and tells which behavior are desirable and which truly not acceptable in view of nature-cultural heritage protection of the area.

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