Characteristic features of traveling oriented on ecology. Characteristic of traveling in ecotourism – ideal Conception

Category Characteristic of traveling ecology-oriented
Number of people By one or in small group among family or friends
Program of expedition Big flexibility, spontaneous choice, own decisions
Time of traveling Longer travel, which allows deeper contemplation of surrounding world
Style of living during travel Adapter to local traditions, respect to the people and their culture
Style of traveling Tiring, active, calm, considerate
Way of exploration Deep getting of knowledge of surrounding world, looking for surviving clergy
Contact with tourism qualities Active and enthusiastic getting knowledge  valuable natural and cultural qualities, strong emotional contact with tourism attractions, which leads to wideness and deepening of own interests
Substantive and language preparation to the travel Robust awareness with the history, culture, nature of the destination place of travel, collection of informational-sightseeing materials, maps, deep study or native speak of given country’s language
Souvenirs from travel Own pictures photos, travel diaries, souvenirs made by local masters



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