Alternative tourism

Another one term, which is used closed to this subject, is alternative tourism. This definition appeared, when in USA were born hippies, counterculture. Bunt and protest of young generation against infrastructure civilization, and conceptual model life, respect of the environment and real connection between people, were also dedicated to traveling. Alternative tourism should be new way of the other world exploration; young people traveled in small groups, avoiding mass tourism attraction and was looking for real contact with local people. Saying truth, the definition of alternative tourism make some muddle to the terminology of its subject, although can be differently interpreted. Some mention that it is the every “small scale” form of tourism against mass tourism. And all what is alternative should be good and all what is mass should be bad and negative. In te same moment the small scale tourism (i.e. ecotourism) is not alternative of mass tourism. It is niche form of the travel, existing near the “big scale” tourism. In the raw, the mass tourism can be more likely for the environment, if it is will process ecotourism and become the agriculture tourism. Some authors offer making concepts ‘”sustainable tourism” and “alternative tourism” more similar, what is not answers properly the term “sustainable tourism”. Also some others, use the term “alternative” to every new appeared form of traveling, as: adventure tourism, agrotourism, holiday in diving center, entertainment and leisure tourism. Definition of alternative tourism is formulated more “everyday” than reflecting concrete form of travel, because of this in given work the term will not be used.


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