Agriculture as a type ecotourism

Agrotourism is a form of country tourism connected with agriculture. Agrotourism is dynamically developing sector in tourism market of the state. Favorable conditions for its development binded, before all others, with high amount of small individual agriculture farms, which owners looking for additional complementary with agriculture activity sources of income. For example, in 2002 in Poland existed 11 260 agrotourism farms, which offered 126 389 places for staying.

Agriculture farms is accommodation base and main tourism attraction for potential agrotourist. Rest on village “at the owner” can have, of course, a lot of the same with ecotourism and often it answers amount of its priorities, such as: upholding the welfare of local residence, usage of already existed accommodation base and delivery local product of agroculture healthy meals for tourists. Some owners of agriculture farms, especially located within or around protected areas, demonstrate big sensitivity to issues about nature protection and with attitude and view effects on protection and a way of being of its visiting tourists.

Often they organize a lot of additional parties and attractions for guests, which can be elements of program of ecotourism expeditions, i.e.: horse tours, bicycle tours, walking through the parks and reserves, science of differentiating of plant and mushrooms. But agrotourism, as a form of spending time, very often get the form of stationary rest, ideal holiday, “under the pear tree”. The main aim of ecotourism is anywhere  active exploration of wild nature, and indigenous culture, its deep awareness and contemplation. The difference is in main motivation of travel. Agriculture farms can be the accommodation and nutrition base for ecotourism.



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