About ecotourism forms

      About wealth and variety of nature tourism forms is possible to convince by visiting amount of world tourist fair, where word “ecotourism” appears near names of the remotest corners of the world. Ecotourism travel agencies offer: hiking into the wildest mountains of the world, diving among coral reefs, exploration of far lands culture, crossing the desert on camel’s back, botanic and ornithology tours for naturalists and photographers, etc.

Some thought become really original and exotic. Other one closer to classical types of qualificate touring tourism. All that forms of ecotourism should connect specific way of travel organization, in that firstly care about how to decrease as possible the interference to sensible ecosystems and wide spreading of understood ecological education, which stimulates sensibility to nature cases as from the tourists side, as well as from local people side.

Mountain hiking i.e. can be held in a harmful way for the environment or “ecological way”. It is difficult to name expeditions ecological, if during it, people leave after themselves garbage in the mountains, make the fire, destroy bushes and trees, and local people treat it indifference or even arrogance. Another example can be dividing expeditions on the coral reefs. Average tourist, ecologically unconscious and not guided in sustainable way by such escapade organizator, not wander about ethic  and ecological views of presence in underwater world of flora and fauna, takes as souvenirs fragments of coral, molests, water animals, etc. Another behavior has participants of ecological tours on the reef, which are planned in such way, that taking part in it tourists qualified firstly with underwater ecosystem aspects of life and become aware, how harmful can be reckless behavior in that nature world.


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